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Liliana Abel
Senior Vice President
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Liliana Abel

Senior Vice President


Why Liliana Abel?

Liliana has more than 17 years of experience in the real estate business, starting in Santo Domingo with luxury towers. She has been living in Casa de Campo since 2010 and was one of the top producers at Casa de Campo Real Estate last year. Her extensive expertise helps buyers find the perfect home for investment or a second home, while for sellers she works to provide a good return on their investment.

What are the reasons for buying in Casa de Campo?

Whether you are an investor looking for a real estate property or looking for a villa for yourself, nothing else compares to Casa de Campo in the country, or in the Caribbean for that matter. The resort offers buyers the financial security that comes with a tried-and-tested 40-year old establishment no found in any other corner of the country. And if that is not enough to convince you to become a villa owner, Casa de Campo offers 90 holes ofthe best golf south of Florida, as recognized by the leading golfing magazines, and authorities.

A tennis center known as the wimbledon of the Caribbean with 13 hartru courts, a horse ranch, three polo fields, a shooting center and a luxury hotel are just some of the incredible amenities on offer in the resot. then there is the incredible 300-berth Marina, complete with a shipyard and more than 60 shops. To wrap it all up, Casa de Campo also contains the incomparable village of Altos de Chavon with its cobblestone streets, medieval style architecture, cultural activities, quaint shops and restaurants, some with breathtaking vies over the Chavon River.

What is Costasur (land developer) doing to secure my investment?

Management has embarked on several projects that will further enhace Casa de Campo’s value, starting with the new extensive parkland. Covering an area of 65 acres (26.3 hectares), this new area will have playgrounds, recreation areas and a 2km trail that will connect the park to Altos de Chavon. the company has also recently released oceanfront land for development in the Caleton Beach area that will include a Beach Club. In addition, Minitas Beach is due to undergo extensive renovations with the addition of a beachside pool.

What changes are expected for the hotel?

On the hotel side of the resort, management is expected to announce major investments this year aimed at maintaining and expanding its leadership among the best and most complete resorts, not only the in the Caribbean, but also in the world.

What are price ranges available in the market?

Prices for an entry level home start at US$375,000 ALL THE WAY UP TO us$35 million oceanfront villa, Casa de Campo offers the nation’s best possible combination of value and return on your real estate investment, now and into the future.